The school curriculum is described under the following headings:

Montessori (Play Group, Nursery, Prep)

This marks child’s introduction to formal education at the age 3+. The child is inducted into schooling through activity oriented play way developing the basic cognitive and motor skills to equip him suitably for more formal learning through phonic methods and well graded writing patterns. By qualifying Montessori, child is ready for the next stage.

Primary Level (Grade I to V)

These five years follow a comprehensive foundation building syllabus, designed to suit children coming from varied and diverse backgrounds. To help them in their mental and emotional development in the crucial years, qualified teachers carefully monitor the child’s natural progress satisfactorily leading to the next stage of schooling.

Middle Level (Grade VI to VIII )

These three years expose the child to a wider range of subjects carefully moulding the students into learning basic scientific techniques and exposing them to an inter related curriculum. At the end of this stage the student is able to select a course of study leading to “O” levels or Matriculation of B.I.S.E, Lahore.

High Level (Grade IX & X)

During these two years, students prepare themselves for “O” levels and Secondary Board exams to select the profession of their choice. Guidance to choose the profession is provided at this stage considering the development of the student and past record using a state of the art computer system of Performance Analysis.