If learning is disrupted, the long-term effects can be serious. Hence, regularity is essential. Parents must assist in monitoring of their child’s attendance as follow:

  1. Ensure the child reaches school before the Assembly commences.
  2. All students should be present on the first and last day of the term.
  3. Irregular attendance is sufficient reason for the student’s dismissal.


  1. No one who is late or has been absent on the previous day will be admitted to the class without the permission of the Principal or the Supervisor.
  2. Long period of absence on medical grounds, should be supported by a Medical Certificate.
  3. Prior sanction should be sought from the Principal through a written application for any absence.
  4. Students suffering from contagious or infectious diseases must stay away from school till the quarantine period is completed. This should clearly be indicated on the Medical Certificate. Parents have to submit a leave note.
  5. Students are forbidden to leave the premises during the school hours, including the recess period, without the written permission of authorities. The students slipping away without permission will be liable to appropriate punishment.