Our Mission



The mission of Khaliqia Foundation High School is to build traditions of outstanding student achievements, instructional excellence and community involvement, thus enabling all students to become contributing members of the society.

Our Beliefs

  • We care about one another.
  • We care about each person’s uniqueness.
  • We treat one another with value and respect.
  • We serve by teaching students with a variety of learning styles to succeed in the world beyond school.
  • We serve in a partnership with students and parents to pursue quality education.
  • We are building on a tradition of high academic and athletic achievement.
  • We are building on a tradition of upholding Islamic values and beliefs.
  • We are building on a sense of patriotism and Islamic heritage at Khaliqia.

Our Aim

  • Character Building.
  • To inculcate in the minds of children¬†a sense of pride in our History, Culture,¬†Heritage and Traditional Values.